Z-Wave Switch that I don't own showing up?

Just recently in the last day to two, I have a Z-Wave Switch showing up on my SmartThings device list. It won’t turn off, I can’t remove it, and it has nothing listed for Recent activity.

I do not have any Z-Wave switches connected to my network. I have 4 Google Homes, Netgear Arlo Pro with 4 cameras, 10 samsung multipurpose sensors, and 3 Samsung motion sensors.

My concern is that I have some rogue Z-Wave Switch on my network that I can’t remove. It only appeared in the last day or two. Any thoughts? See the picture below.

Please report this to support. It’s probably some kind of database error in your cloud account.

This happened about a year ago on a number of accounts, but there haven’t been any reports of it for a while.

However, a couple of community members have reported in the last two or three days they have had some devices disappearing from their accounts. Maybe one of them landed on yours! :scream:

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Well that explains the little problem with my dining room lights. Would you turn them off at 9 pm cst please?


This probably not your problem, but when I was first building my alarm system, my neighbor had a keyfob and it paired with my hub. It happened when I was pairing my fob and it picked his up. I was going crazy trying to figure out why my fob couldn’t control anything. I finally figured it out when my neighbor came over for help. The chances of this happening is slim to none, but it is possible when one house is close to another. His home is about 50 foot away.