Vanishing Devices

Have any of your zwave or zigbee devices just vanished from SmartThings?

I’ve had a number of devices simply vanish from my SmartThings App over the past couple years and every time I checked with support they said I must have inadvertently excluded them. It may have been the case once or maybe twice but not every single time. The last device to vanish is an Aeon Outlet (old type) that controls an amplifier in the Game Room. We never use it, and it is behind furniture so there is really no chance that during an exclude the button was pressed. In a few past cases I found vanished devices listed on the hub IDE page as “REMOVED” but in this case it is just nowhere to be found.

Am I the only one with ‘Houdini’ devices on my network?

It’s rare, but it’s been reported multiple times, including last month. Some people have also seen random devices appear on their list that were not theirs. :scream: (Most famously one about a year ago where a forum member reported seeing a new Device, “dining room sensor,” when he doesn’t even have a dining room. ) it’s almost certainly some kind of database corruption in the cloud.

i am wondering if this was ever resolved because i’ve got around 70 devices and occasionally one disappears…

is there something i should be doing differently?