Virtual Devices disappearing!?

I’ve only had my SmartThings hub for about 2 weeks but am very well versed in home automation. I’ve been a user of HomeSeer for over 10 years.

Within the SmartThings API portal I’ve setup several “Simulated Switches”, basically Overrides to be used within CoRE.

Setup goes smooth and things go as planned using CoRE, but twice now I’ve gotten up in the morning to find that the virtual devices are completely gone! They don’t show up in the App or in the API portal. The first time I thought it was just a glitch and I simply recreated the couple that I had. Now this morning they are all gone again!

Any ideas on what is going on?


I had a Simulated Presence Sensor disappear last week as well.

That’s definitely bad. And previously unusual, although there was a time period About a year ago when it happened. Make sure you put in a support ticket.

It almost certainly means database corruption on your cloud account. Obviously that’s not a good thing.

But support can look into it and say more.

I haven’t seen this occur before. Please email your account information, along with the name of the switch(es) that disappeared to Support so we can dig into this.


Support request #283928


Ah, apparently you guys got unwittingly subscribed to the recent “pay for virtual device support” BETA, and since you didn’t pay…

Good luck with the ticket, hopefully it was a ST stock virtual device.