Devices Disappearing

Anyone else having Z-Wave devices disappear from their hub? I upgraded to V2 last week and I’m starting to regret it.

So, I’ve now lost an Aeon Minimote, a Z-Wave switch, multiple Zigbee bulbs, and a mobile phone presence tracker. WTF is going on?

When I have heard of instances where things are disappearing or things you don’t own magically appearing, it usually is some kind of SmartThings cloud issue with your account. If you haven’t already, I’d contact support.

I’ve contacted them, just wondering if this was happening to anyone else. Maybe it’s related to them deleting my old hub location yesterday.

How painful was the upgrade to V2 of the hub? I’m considering doing it, and just not sure if i should.

It actually wasn’t all that bad except for the devices that I know are troublesome like one of my door locks (range problem when pairing), the Enerwave ceiling motion sensors, and the newer SmartThings multi sensors. I ran the two hubs at the same time (as different locations) for a couple of days as I moved devices over in my free time. The app no longer requires you to delete all automations before removing a device and that alone made things 100x easier.

@allison Have you had any benefits that you have noticed from upgrading to V2 hub? I was thinking about doing it, to see if my Samsung TV would integrate but besides that, was there any other benefits that you noticed or have been worth it?

Some but, I’m undecided on whether it was worth it or not. OTA firmware updates was the thing that finally pushed me to upgrade. I think all of my OSRAM bulbs have now been updated to newer firmware. I was able to integrate my D-Link cameras and view live video in the SmartThings app. My bedroom TV is supposed to work with SmartThings but, I haven’t been successful at connecting it yet. It goes part way through the process and then seems to hang. I’m not sure what the benefit of connecting it would be anyway. The battery backup is nice but, it seems to drain them extremely quickly.

I’ve just noticed that one of my flood sensors has disappeared (no longer shows in the mobile app or IDE). Seems to have happened this Monday. Very worrying! I’ve raised a case with support.

I just had two devices disappear. One a couple of days ago (a motion sensor) and now today a GE toggle switch! What gives!?

I’ve lost two z-wave devices. A plug and a sensor. I spent an hour trying to get the sensor back only to have it drop off again within an hour. This is horrible. They disappear from both my things and the automation. I think its related to the upgrade on the 12th.

Maybe this is what they meant by increased zwave reliability :expressionless:

Just lost a device that was operational last at 11:22 AM and after that it doesn’t exist anymore.
It looks as if someone has just removed it form the hub.ignoring the fact that it is connected to the hub logic.