Z-Wave Switch and some of the applications through Smartthings


I plan on using GE (here at HomeDepot) and was wondering if I could clarify their application before putting 40 of them around the house.

I’ll randomnly ask about the applications where I hope this would work

  • Can I have my exterior lights be turned on automatically when the sun sets and they could be turned off at around 12am automatically?
  • Can these switched be used for scenes?
  • Can I turn off all the switches when I sleep by just saying “Good Night” to Alexa?
  • Can a specific switch be turned on with other actions, say when the main door is opened?

Your feedback will be highly appreciated?

yes to all. This is just a device to be used in SmartThings. The actual actions taken on that device (your bullet points) are determined by SmartApps, not the device itself.


Thank you sir!!!

Just to add to this, SmartLighting works good for basic stuff like you want to do above but if you really want the good stuff then CoRE is where it’s at. Starting off in SmartThings, might as well dive right into it!