Need help with "automate lights and switches" app

Hi all I have been successfully using “Smart Lighting” smartapp for months with zero issues until this week. The last few days I cannot get it to trigger and I am not aware of any changes to any of the involved devices or smartapp config.

Is anyone else having problems or have suggestions on how to troubleshoot? I’ve restarted the v2 hub, tried removing and adding the trigger device and reconfiguring the rule. I have a few rules and devices impacted. All can be controlled manually and by other routines. Just not this app.

Hi! I have a similar problem, I think.
I’ve been successfully using the “Smart Lighting” app for some months, to turn on/off lights in the morning and evening. That app seems to be working reliably.
The problem I’ve had is with an Automation Routine I set up to turn on/off some other lights at somewhat different times than how I have “Smart Lighting” app set. The issue is that this Automation Routine intermittently fails to do what it is supposed to. Like, today, it turned ON the lights as it was supposed to but did not turn them OFF.
I’d be grateful for any suggestions re trouble-shooting, etc.

I am continuing to experience this problem but have narrowed it down a little.

I completely removed all the automations -> uninstalled -> reinstalled the smart app -> reconfigured the automations -> same problem.

1 - Works (pre and post reinstall) - Automations triggered by motion sensors (mine are go control zwave and knock off monoprice) triggering ge link bulbs and others triggering GE Zwave switches and others triggering other zwave outlets such as leviton and ge outdoor.

2 - Broken - Automations triggered by door\window sensors (gocontrol zwave) do not work (used to for a very long time). I have had another app setup to notify me when these sensors open\close and that continues to work with no delay. I can also see the state changes in the app and can control the devices manually in the app.

3 - Broken - Automations triggered by light switches (GE Zwave) turning on\off other switches (GE Zwave). To picture the use case here if the kids turn off their bedroom lights i want it to also turn off their closet lights. When you go into a room with multiple light switches have it turn the others on or off so i dont have to walk across the room. Another is in the bathroom if you turn on the light above the shower automatically turn on the fan.

Can you post the complete set of screenshots of one of the automations you have set up that is failing?

Also, try to make it work, and then look at the “recently” log for both the master switch and for the switch which is not coming on.

To get to this log:

One) open the SmartThings mobile app

two) choose the “rooms” icon (4 tiny squares) at the bottom of the screen

Three) choose “things” at the top of the room screen

Four) scroll down until you find the switch which is not coming on when it should. Tap on its name (just the name, not the icon to the left or right of it) to open its details page

  1. on the details page, tap on “recently” at the top of the screen.

This will show you all the recent events for this specific device.

The screenshots are showing out of order. This one is saying When the Light Switch for my main master bathroom light switch (GE zwave) is turned on, then turn on my light switch for my master bathroom vanity, but only when the mode is home, away or night. I also included a screenshot to show the mode is currently home. I have tried removing this only when mode is and it makes no difference since this problem started.

OK, your switch is getting flooded with notifications from something. That should not be happening, so I would definitely report it to support.

I think @johnconstantelo has been seeing the same thing in the last week or so, he might have some thoughts.

Thanks I will open a case with them today. Any idea what is normal for setting that status message on my switches? I’ve seen it doing that for a long time intermittently and just never worried about it

I submitted two tickets today (1) the smartapp not working for triggers from open\door sensors and switches (2) my GE zwave in wall switches showing tons of message stating that the light indicator is on when on 10-20 messages a minute each on all of them. I’ll update this thread when or if there is more info to share in case it helps someone else.

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Good news I think the problem is resolved! I can’t explain all the behaviour but I know what I did to get it working again. I have a mode called “keep Lucy light on” to keep my two year old from turning off her light when she is being dressed or changed (light switch just above the changing table). I haven’t used this mode for a while (month maybe more) and even though my mode was set and showing as “home” I was able to get my automations working by telling them to run when in the " keep Lucy lights on" mode even though others setup identically but with different device triggers work.

So I toggled home, no automation, Lucy lights on and home but it still wouldn’t work when in home mode unless I also included keep Lucy lights on in the smartapp. So I deleted the mode itself and now everything is working exactly as it was. No idea why it chose to have problems now.

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