GE Smart Switch Lights Randomly turn on all day

I’ve looked and didn’t see anyone posting my specific problem. I’ve had a GE Smart Switch and it worked fine for the past five years but maybe the last eight months it is randomly turning on my house lights all day long. I’ve disabled Alexa, I’ve turned off any automations in smart things, I’ve removed the plug from the wall and reset it and reconnected it. I can connect to it through the app and turn the lights off and on. If I turn the automations on in smart things, it doesn’t work. I used to have my switch set through alexa to turn on at sundown and off at sunrise. I noticed it wasn’t working when my house lights weren’t on at night. It doesn’t seem to matter if I turn it off at the switch, which sometimes immediately switches back on, or if I switch them off in the app. Sometimes the lights stay off for one to ten minutes or they stay off for three hours. I’m going insane switching my lights off all day long. It used to work without hassle, I’m not sure what happened but I would love to know how to fix it.
Just today:
3:27 pm off
3:26 pm on
3:24 pm off
1:56 pm on
10:41 am off
9:32 am on
8:54 am off
8:52 am on
8:50 am off

Welcome to the community! What type of device is this (model number could be useful if you have it)? I’m getting the impression from your post that it’s one of the Plug-In Smart Switches, as opposed to one of the in-wall switches or outlets.

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I’ll see if I have the box still at home to see the model. I believe it is a z-wave because I remember having to set it up through the z-wave activation. It is not a plug in. It is an install in the wall with the wires switch. It’s on a panel with two other switches that control my inside lights but it is the only smart switch in the three switch panel.

I’m having similar issues with a GE/Jasco Enlightened dimming/light level sensing in wall OS switch. It randomly turns on at night and then is triggered off after the time out that is set. I’ve tried multiple things and none have solved the issue. It works fine during the day. I have no other phantom activity on my ST network. Unfortunately ST does not have many tools to help troubleshoot this type of issue that I’m aware of.