GE Smart wall switch (Zwave) turns "off" by itself sometimes

Hi Guys, New to the community. I have a ST Hub v2.0 and a GE Smart wall switch connected to a single outdoor porch light. The smart app is scheduled to turn on the light at sunset and then turn off the light at sunrise. The problem is that the light bulb itself is not always on when its supposed to be. The wiring is correct and the switch works fine when i toggle it physically or through the ST app. The smartapp also triggers the switch just fine.

The problem is that the lightt bulb itself goes off even though the switch is turned on. If I turn the switch off and then on again, the light bulb will turn on again. has anyone seen this behavior before and know what the problem is? I am using a non dimmable CFL lightbulb and the smart switch is a GE non-dimming smart wall switch (Zwave).

couple of things to check - first, make sure the bulb is night and tight in the socket. Next, try a different bulb. Next would be making sure the connections are all secure to the switch. Outside of that, you could test and move the switch to control a different light to test.

Which app are you using to control your lights?

Thanks for the tips. I am using the smartthings app to control the light or else I will switch on the light physically.

The thing about the wires behind the wall switch not being tight confuses me because when i toggle the switch off and then on again the light bulb will turn on again which leads me to believe that the wiring is ok, right?