Looking for Zwave light switch for outdoor lights to set timer

New to home automation and I want to be able to put in a switch in place of my singe pole light switch so I can turn them on when I want or set a schedule to only come on at night time and shut off during the day. DOes anyone know what switch would do this? DO I need a special Smarthings app as well I assume.

If that’s all you want, you may be best served by a Wemo or other WiFi smart switch. This forum is for users of the SmartThings automation hub and/or platform, which can do what you want and a whole lot more.

I have a Smartthings Hub which is integrated with my Door Locks, NST Manager (NEST DEVICES), Speakers, Cameras, Google Hub and doorbells. This would just add to that so hence why I am posting here.


My bad, misinterpreted your comment about apps. Any SmartThings compatible switch can do this. Does that switch box have a neutral wire?

Yes its now wired just as a simple on/off with the HOT but there is a junction of Whites all connected I can use.

Cool. So yeah, any switch that is listed in the app will work. I’ve been happy with my GE and Zooz z-wave units.

And you can set 12 hour on /off schedules too? I have seen a lot of then that will work but they dont specifically mention what i am looking for but I guess I can find a routine or If/Then from IFTTT

Yes. In SmartThings Classic , go to Marketplace
Tab>Smartapps>SmartThings Recommends> Smart Lights. Don’t need any outside or custom apps for this.

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