Z-Wave Repeaters to improve Schlage lock performance?

I have a Schlage BE469 door lock and it’s the version that uses Z-Wave not the newer version with Z-Wave Plus. I lose connection maybe once a month after locking and unlocking flawlessly twice a day without a hitch… until it doesn’t. The Schlage is about 25 ft from the hub so from what I’ve read here I probably need a repeater.

I can’t find it now but it was mentioned that there were two Monoprice Smart Plug models that were recommended as repeaters. Can you use a Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug with my regular Z-Wave Schlage lock as a repeater?

I found this Monoprice 127481 model will this work for me? https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Z-Wave-Smart-Repeater-Ports/dp/B076HZG5HR

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I can’t find your Monoprice sensor on the ZWave alliance site so I don’t know about that one…

What you’re looking for is a beaming repeater.

Here’s why

Look for a device you’re interested in here:

For a conformance statement similar to this:

Note how under ZWave Product Information it has ‘supports beaming technology: Yes’

You’re looking for a device that both works with ST and supports beaming as close to the lock as practical. This is exactly why I have GE/Jasco ZWave switches on my exterior lights. Not because I wanted to control them, because the switches that control them are four feet from the lock.

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Ok I looked at your links but still not finding my answers I just want a smart plugin that can be used as a repeater for my Schlage. A Google search did answer my question about using my Schlage Z-Wave lock with a Z-Wave Plus Smart plug and it appears it is backward compatible.

Well I know I read a RBoy post about Monoprice Smart plugs but can’t find the exact post but found another:

“RBoy Apps is now an official partner of Monoprice. This Device Handler is for the Monoprice Smart Plug (27481) and Plug In Receptacle (15654). [image] [image] This Smart Plug / Wall Socket Plug in Receptacle with 2 USB and 1 AC Port monitors and manages energy consumption to reduce costs. This product is a Z-Wave® switched AC plug-in adapter. AC power can be switched on or off remotely or manually with a button on the plug. It can report the voltage, amperage, power consumption and energy consumption. It also includes two USB ports, one capable of 1A of charging power and the other capable of 2.4A of charging power, so you can keep your mobile devices charged without using another AC power socket for a wall charger. As an AC powered Z-Wave device, this Plugin will act as a Z-Wave repeate…”

So you’re saying I need a beaming repeater so don’t these smart plugs qualify?

Yeah I found the post FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

From RBoy post:
RECOMMENDATION : The Monoprice 11995 and 27481 seem to do well with Locks. We recommend the 11995/27481 if you have older ZWave Locks and the 27481 if you have newer zwave plus locks.


I would also recommend that you “reset” your lock once to factory settings and pair it again with the hub. We’ve seen this happen sometimes with devices which “lose” their pairing, mostly with Thermostats, they have an easy fix by pressing a reset button, but for locks it’s not always easy. Some locks you can “reset” without losing the pairing (if you lose the pairing then you need to setup all the codes and automations again).

Well this morning I called Schlage and they are replacing my lock with the updated Z-Wave Plus version BE469ZP… is it likely I’ll still need a repeater?

So once I get the new lock I just remove the old lock from the SmartThings app and add the new lock… correct?

How about RBoy’s Smart App & Handler I’ve been using with my old lock do I do something different here?

I’m in the same boat as @mike2874, brand new Hub installed with RBoy Rental Lock Automater. A repeater was recommended to me as well and I have that on order.

Current Schlage Locks: BE469
Firmware is 6.6 & 6.8 respectively.

My SmartThings Hub is within 10 feet of the locks, yet one or both are seemingly always offline. This has been super frustrating.

I’m a Wink Refugee and oddly enough, I never had any connectivity issues like this. I wanted to implement the SmartThings & RBoy combination to save time managing my vacation rentals.

I also called Schlage this morning and they are sending me two new locks. Hopefully the new locks will work with the hub. In the mean time, it pains me to retreat back to Wink for one of my locks. :unamused:

So I finally pulled the plug on Wink today. Was in the middle of my transition when I got the wink email last week that they were going to a monthly fee based program. So… I have to say that I NEVER had any lock connectivity or reporting issues with wink. it was totally rock solid until Covid 19 hit. My locks were still rock solid. Light switches were another issue. So I got everything moved over to ST. My locks have been totally erratic. I have to say that the ST hub is a lot smaller that either wink hub so I’m wondering if this hub puts out considerably less signal output. Now here is the kicker. I have around 11 GE zwave switches by my doors ranging anywhere from about 8 to 30 feet from anything and everything. My understanding is with that many switches that they have built my mesh zwave network. Now that doesn’t include my basement that has around 5 Leviton zwave switches and 4 zwave ge switches on the second floor plus at least a half doesn Ge zwave plug in modules and another half a dozen Leviton zwave plug in modules… so my understanding is that zwave acts as a mesh. How the heck do I still have lock reporting issues??? Also using LUM - factory reset both locks and deleted the item lock app ST includes. Whiskey Tango You know what??

I’ll leave the lock discussions to other people for now. But I’m sorry you’ve run into that, I’m sure it’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

As far as this:

The output for both hubs for Z wave is pretty much the same, and the size of the plastic case is in part a factor of the number of different radios inside. Wink has a couple that smartthings did not have, such as a Lutron radio and a Kidde radio. But their zwave radios aren’t very different, and wouldn’t be causing the problems that you are seeing.

Ok. Just went out to the ST Status page. Mobile app and platform api are both showing degraded performance. Hopefully that’s it.


You have a lot of switches but is good but can also be slightly problematic due to the way the mesh works. A couple of things to note, you just need one buffering device between your lock and your hub, too many and you see other issues. Z-Wave a limit of 4 hops, so that’s good as it may not end up routing endlessly, but then again you need to check if your lock is taking too many hops. Second thing to check if which devices it’s using to hop. Some devices work better than others at buffering/repeating. For example the older Z-Wave GE switches were notorious for hanging, dropping packets and creating havoc with the mesh. The newer Z-Wave Plus models are much more stable. Some Monoprice are excellent. Others may be a mixed bag. If you have a “bad” switch along your route then it may explain what’s going on. The good new is that you can find out which switches are being used in your lock. See this post for details. If you do find it routing through too many switches or one you don’t like, the Z-Wave repair and exclusion buttons are your best friend to get the setup you like (it’ll take time but it can be done).