Schlage Lock out of range?

I have Schlage zwave doorlocks about 20m from my hub. I added them by bringing the hub close but when it’s in it’s usual spot it doesn’t see them. I added a Samsung outlet just a few feet from one of the locks, and the hub sees it fine. I tried “repairing” the network several times but locks still don’t connect. Does s single outlet not provide enough “juice” to extend the network? Other ideas. I have 8 locks closer to the hub that connect great, so no issues with connecting when in range.

If you added SmartThings outlet, that uses Zigbee and won’t extend your Z-Wave network. You’ll want to add a Z-Wave outlet to help with that.


Oh duh. I thought the Z part of the zigbee logo was for Zwave (that it was both). Rookie mistake. Thank you!

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The following FAQ should help clear up some basic questions. Start by reading post 11 in that thread, then go back up to the top and read the whole thing. :sunglasses:


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This is probably another dumb question but … where outlets and lightbulbs are controlled by wall switches, do the devices act as repeaters only when they are switched on? I would think so but that seems to create a lot of physical complexity — tape and “do not use” signs on wall switches? Or do they somehow draw minimal power even when switched off?

As long as the switch is able to hear the next command from the network, that is, if it is controllable from the app or the hub, it is also available to work as a repeater. :sunglasses:

So this isn’t typically an issue with switches or plug-in pocket sockets or in wall relays.

It is sometimes an issue with smartbulbs, but I don’t know of any of those that are beaming repeaters anyway, so you likely wouldn’t be using to improve communication to a lock.