Door Lock - ZWave Which is Best?

We have had the SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 716 Connect Smart Deadbolt with Alarm Z-Wave Plus. At some point the circuit board went out so we replaced it with the exact same model. I tried to add the new lock. Didn’t work. I ran repair many many times which didn’t change things. I cannot get it re-added to SmartThings. I have tried any set of instructions I can find out there to no avail.
The door is 35’ or so away from the hub. When I originally added the first lock to SmartThings it was this same distance away. Right before I go through the sequence of trying to connect/pair the lock with SmartThings I make sure to activate the other Z-Wave devices along the way. One is only 4 feet away from the lock.
I cannot get it to connect to SmartThings.

The hub is hardwired even though wifi is available. I have tried moving the hub to wifi connection so I could attempt to move the hub closer to the door lock but I was never able to get it working with wifi and ended up with the entire system down for a couple of days.

I am ready to give up on the Schlage. I need the keypad and a keyhole so August is not a consideration. What is the recommended manufacturer to try next?

Repair likely won’t change any. But did you attempt to exclude the lock before you tried to join it… Did you factory reset the lock before you tried to pair it?

The ZP is the plus version so you should not have to move to the lock to pair it like it’s older non plus sibling, but you do need to make it forget it’s prior network. As it’s a ZWave plus device factory reset should do that but… No harm in trying.

Id run an exclusion. Afterwards factory reset the lock
Reboot your st hub
Then try to pair the device where it lives

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Yale has been very effective for me, using a Yale YRD-226 Zwave lock for several vacation rentals for over 4 years, with no issues. But If you hate August, I think somehow Yale and August are related.

The parent company of Yale, Assa Abloy, acquired August a few years ago. So they are now sister brands.

But it sounds like the OP’s concerns about August had to do with the form factor of the original August lock. Yale offers many models with different shapes and functions, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

I did exclude. I didn’t originally factory reset because the new lock was brand new.
So I just did a general exclusion again > I get a red X as confirmation
I reset the lock to factory settings
I ran a Z-Wave network repair.
Soft rebooted the Hub
I tried to add the device and the enroll light blinks yellow & the outside light blinks yellow then I get a red X confirmation.

Yes, I don’t have a preference for manufacturers, but I do have the requirement of being able to have a backup keyhole to be able to open the lock.

Both Yale and Schlage are popular brands with good reputations, but Schlage zwave has been notoriously difficult to get paired even before the switch to edge drivers. There are several community threads about the various issues.

I have to disagree with the suggestion that zwave explorer frames will make it possible to pair a lock in place, even if it is at a distance from the hub. While that is true of most devices, locks are a special category, which, for security reasons, requires that the lock be “whisper distance” from the hub at the time of initial pairing. That is because the two have to exchange an encryption key, which is different than that used by most z wave devices.

In addition, historically, Schlage has been much more sensitive to timeout issues than other lock brands. This is one of the reasons that being close to the hub helps. If you have other traffic on your network, such as from a Z wave energy reporting device, it can delay the Schlage messages just enough that The pairing will fail. It’s super frustrating, obviously, but it does happen. Again, there are several discussion threads in the forum on this topic.

Also, it’s going to seem contradictory, but it will help if you also have a Z wave beaming repeater close to the lock. This is one that you will need long-term with the lock, not just at the time of pairing. Most zwave plug-in smart plugs will work. But that’s a whole other topic.

Anyway, if you don’t want to deal with the fussiness of Schlage locks during the initial pairing (although people are usually happy with them once they get them paired), Yale should be a good alternative. :sunglasses:


Mine does JD.

I have one Non-plus remaining that one I have to pair right next to the hub.

My 2- 469ZPs pair absolutely fine in place granted it’s HA ZWaveJSUI, but they absolutely pair in place just fine.

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I have two Yale locks that have been working flawlessly for a number of years.

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In my experience with Kwikset Zwave locks, JD is right on this. When I would get a new lock, I would always pair the lock first right near the hub before I installed it. I never got any of the Zwave locks to pair in place. That’s why I changed all of the cards in mine to Zigbee.

I prefer Kwikset because of the Smart key feature where you can change them all to the same physical key. I also have all of my other Kwikset non-smart locks set to the same key as well. This way I have one key for the entire house, 4 Entry doors, 2 shed doors and some internal closet doors as well.


I just installed my first smart lock this week in my SmartThings ecosystem. It’s the Schlage Connect BE469ZP. I was able to quickly pair the lock with SmartThings, but the lock status displayed Unknown and I could not control the lock through SmartThings. Only the battery status appeared to properly display in SmartThings.

I followed your recommended steps of excluding, factory reset, rebooting the hub, and re-pairing. The first attempt was unsuccessful. Then, I deleted Smart Lock Guest Access app from SmartThings app. I ran through your steps again without the SLGA installed. Pairing was successful AND the lock now works correctly in the app!

For me, it appears the lynch pin was having SLGA installed prior to adding my first smart lock. Pairing the Schlage Connect with SnartThings BEFORE installing SLGA seems to have been the fix for me. I just wanted to share my experience if anyone else has been experiencing the same issues.


We still haven’t replaced our lock. If we switch we may have to rekey all of our house locks so I have been putting it off.

@JDRoberts point, we have a Zwave motion light switch located <4 feet from the door lock. I would activate it right before trying the pairing and it didn’t help. I then brought a lamp with a Zwave bulb in it down to plug in < 3 feet from the lock. I activated the motion light switch, started the pairing, then with another phone app activated the light bulb and it still didn’t work. We are going to remove the lock from the door and walk it to the hub today to see if just the closer vicinity will help.
Question - do the Zwave smart plugs that beam do something different than the Zwave motion-activated light switch and Zwave light bulb? Aren’t those beaming too?
Forgive my lack of technical experience here, but I thought the bouncing of Zwave devices close to other Zwave devices is helpful in a fully integrated house system.

@bklek we have kids and service people that we need to give access to be able to unlock the door (and some we need to keep out), but we have just worked with assigning codes to each of them. We haven’t looked into the Smart Lock Guest Access app. I recognize this is good for AirBnB type situations but is this useful for the typical family-type access too?

The lightbulbs almost certainly are not beaming: I’ve never seen a model in that device class which is.

The motion activated light switch, probably is a beaming repeater, but it’s up to each individual manufacturer. If they choose to add this capability to a specific model, or not, so as always, it helps us help you if you give a specific brand and model number of the devices you are writing about. :thinking:

If you want to check for yourself, look for the “conformance statement“ for the Z wave device at the Z wave alliance website and it will tell you if it supports beaming.

Here’s the conformance statement for the GE26931 model

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Did you run the zwave repair utility after you moved the hopefully beaming device close to the lock? Because otherwise, the lock probably didn’t know that it had a new neighbor, and wasn’t using it.

Although the newer Z wave generation devices do eventually update their neighbor tables on their own, it can take a day or two before they do this. It doesn’t happen instantly. And the older generations won’t do it on their own at all.

So whenever you are physically moving zwave devices around, if you want to see immediate results from new message routing, you have to run a Z wave repair utility to get all the devices to recognize their newest neighbors. :thinking:

SLGA is actually intended for typical family access, it’s not really suited to Airbnb, although it’s the only thing that is part of the official features that has even minimal code management. Most people who are Airbnb hosts end up using additional third-party software.

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That is our exact in-wall motion sensor light switch so it is beaming.

Before I dig a hole even deeper trying to figure this out, could it have anything to do with the new Echo drivers? I have looked at the drivers we have on working devices & none of them have Echo referenced in the name of the driver.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I don’t know of any “echo drivers.“ The newest smartthings platform includes “edge drivers“ if that’s what you mean.

You can tell what edge driver each device is using by checking the details on the advanced page of the official web interface to your account:

I am sorry. I meant Edge Driver. I see all the drivers but someone had a screenshot that showed the word ‘Edge’ in front of their listed drivers. I don’t have Edge referenced anywhere. Could it be because I don’t have any Edge drivers? Maybe I need to get an Edge driver for schlage for this to work? Remember, I am not very technical.

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The official stock edge drivers don’t have “edge” in their name that I recall. Some of the community developed ones do because an author can call their edge driver whatever they want to call it. :sunglasses:

If you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub, you definitely have edge drivers, they are automatically downloaded.

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