Z-Wave Repair takes how long?

I have run the Z wave repair tool and it has been going now for about 4 hours. Is that normal? How do I know when it is done? I only have and 15 zwave devices.

I have one zwave (Jasco) device that is being temperamental so thought this might fix it.


I have found that the new app does not tell you anything about it. Better to run it from IDE.


Excellent advice. Doing it now. Thank you!

What is Z Wave repair?

Typically from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the number of devices and yes as @The_Holocron said you can run it from the IDE but I would recommend reporting your issue to support@smartthings.com so they can log a ticket and fix it eventually.

I ran the repair from the IDE. According to the log it took an hour and 35 minutes and failed to update every single device. All that and the problem device is still a problem.

I report problems to ST support every couple of days. It’s getting to be a pain because the way they respond is always with a “you’re doing it wrong” approach. They are sometimes helpful but it feels like the entire ecosystem is really a public beta (and this actually is what it is). It gets more than a little frustrating.

…and then we know it rarely gets better.

You know actually I just noticed it also and I found a bug in the firmware which has caused a some of my devices to stop working and some of which I cannot pair again. I’ve reported it to the engineers and hopefully they’ll look into it soon.

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I find that I have to run the repair frequently now. Specifically, I have a remote device that needs to connect to an in-between device to get good signal to the Hub. But it keeps switching to direct connection to the Hub and then it doesn’t work all the time.

How many devices do you have? Mine usually just takes a few minutes.

I have 32 zwave devices. Most are GE dimmers and GoControl outlets with a few Leviton and Jasco dimmer modules.