How Long Should a Z-Wave Network Repair Take?

I’ve had different results over time. Sometimes I get multiple message lines between the ‘started’ and ‘finished’ lines, but this time, nothing…just spinning for a long time with just the first line, “Z-Wave network repair started”.

The system I’m working on only has like 10 Z-Wave ‘things’ at the most.

Is there any official word on how long it should take?

This depends on the size of your environment, but for 10 devices it should be under 3 mins.
You can check hub logs to verify it’s complete

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Thanks. I went to hub logs, and when I run a Z-Wave Repair, when I refresh the hub logs page, I am indeed able to see that it gets finished while the app keeps spinning on and on and on…

So, is this something that is a known bug, and they are working on it too, like some other things?

Kinda depends on how you define “Known Bug” :slight_smile: For me it’s just expected behavior. I’m sure it will be fixed “in a matter of weeks” just like everything else.

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We have 15 devices and I started a z-wave repair an hour and a half ago and it’s still going. Is anything supposed to be happening?