Z-wave Repair has Started to Act Strange

Had to do a lot of changes in my setup, removing old devices and adding new, but after that the z-wave repair are acting strange.

Looking in the event log:
First it starts the z-wave repair ‘Z-Wave network repair started’
Then a few seconds later it starts ‘Z-Wave device setup started’
Then after up to a minute it says: ‘Z-Wave device setup finished’

I never get an message saying z-wave repair completed/finished which I always got earlier.

Reboot your hub then try the repair again. It’s a known bug.

Have rebooted it several times today (pulling power plugg and putting it back again).

Does no difference.

How long are you letting it run for? I randomly see those messages too, but it will eventually say that it finished. Usually mine takes 35-45 minutes to run a complete zwave repair.

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If it is a v2 hub, did you remove the batteries when you unplugged?

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If I start the z-wave repair from the Classic App this happens:

  1. Press start z-wave repair
  2. It starts and a circle is spinning where the start button was
  3. Then comes the z-wave device config start message
  4. Then comes the message saying that z-wave device config is completed
  5. Then the spinning circle stops and I get back the ‘Start z-wave repair button’

The above process takes 1 1/2 - 2 minutes maximum

@jkp it is a v3 Hub