Z-Wave not repairable

Hi. I had a couple unresponsive zwave light switches that have become unresponsive to the SmartThings app, and if I run the zwave repair, I get the following errors

Thinking it’s time to factory reset the hub?

Do you have any sleepy (battery powered) devices? When a repair is run they will often get flagged as “unable to update route” as they aren’t listening all the time.

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Hey Corey

All I have on my SmartThings hub is 7 GE light switches. They are fairly old (about 10 years old) but they have been working fine. I can still access 6 of the switches currently, but when I tried to repair the zwave network to see if I can reconnect the 7th switch, I got the errors in my prior post. So they are all hardwired light switches and no battery operated devices.

Is the 7th switch not reachable to turn on/off via app? If that is the case, I would just remove it from ST, maybe factory reset it, and then re-add it. A Zwave repair will not rejoin a disconnected switch.

Once you re-add it, you can run another repair. At the same time, if everything seems to be working normally, I’d leave it alone, despite what messages you get from the repair.