Ge zwave switch problem

Are people having issues with zwave switches lately or is something going on? Mine all of a sudden are not responding and zwave repair is not working anything else I can try?

Sounds like you need to cut power to the switch. I had one go flaky a month or so ago. I had to turn off the breaker to power the switch down. Once it rebooted (for lack of a better term), it’s been just fine ever since.

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Are they installed in metal electrical boxes or covered with a decorative metal plate? Range is one of the biggest factors in causing these to drop offline. A metal electrical box will severely attenuate the signal. A metal cover plate will also interfere with the signal although not as bad. Both combined, forget it. You’ve got a faraday cage.

Just wait and pray.
Same for me, nothing works. Neither from mobile app or from various automation. They still work locally (from the switch itself). Status is not updated. Z-wave repair doesn’t even start. Live logging in IDE only shows some commands. Hub events shows only some events like every hour. It happened about 10:30 last night.
Looks like the whole system on the smartthings side is down. Better don’t do anything.

There seem to be a lot of issues with GEZ wave switches in the last couple weeks based on all the forum post about them. Personally I don’t have the issue, I have about 15 of them, both the plus and non plus versions, and all work fine. But it can’t be a coincidence that so many people are all having the exact same issue at the same time. Suggestions keep coming up about the wave repair and range but that doesn’t seem to be it, people cant get brand new switches 5 feet from the hub working.

Either it is something in the latest firmware or something on the ST side and either way everybody having this issue should be contacting support.

Sent a ticket to support

Something is definitely up. The hub has essentially been useless for the last 13 hours for me. I can’t turn on zigbee bulbs and zwave dimmers and lightswitches (They all show as turningon). What the heck is going on?

shit is hitting the fan -

Frankly this makes me feel better. At least they know and hopefully everything will be all good in not too long.

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