Zwave devices dead

Hello I have a very rare problem with my Zwave Devices.
I have 5 Z wave devices (2 GE outlets and 3 Linear FS20Z-1 Module) and 2 of my devices are dead (1 GE outlet and 1 FS20z-1), cant reach them through smartthings and the physical button does not apears to do nothing, the other 3 devices are not accesible through smartthigs but I can turn off/on in the physical button.
Have anyone any idea of what is happening? I am pretty sure that is not an electrical problem of my house because all other electric appliances are working fine.
I also tried to “fix” the zwave network using smartthings app with no luck.
I know that I can remove the 3 devices from network and include it again and maybe it will work, but I don’t want to loose the other 2 devices. Does anyone know if there is a way to revive those devices.

Welcome to HA in general. I have had several hubs and this seems to happen no matter which hub that I use. If they are using standard devices you might be able to do the following:

Go to SmartThings App go to Things, select the failed devices in the app and then on the top of the app you will see the three dots. Select Edit device, and try using the replace button under that screen.

If that doesn’t work, you will need to remove and rejoin the devices to ST as they have very likely fallen off the network.

The ones that are not working even as a switch will likely need to be replaced. However this concerns me, are these switches in the same area of the house? If so, you might still need to consider that you have an electrical problem of some type.

Thanks for your answer, both failing switches are in separate areas of my house. The rare situation is why both failed at the same time?, and also why the zwave network failed too? I have a surge suppressor for my entire house and can’t explain why this is happening.

It sounds familiar. What happened with zigbee devices?

Had some similar issues yesterday - a couple of the smartsense motion sensors still showed up but didn’t respond or trigger after 20;40 UK time. Resetting and repairing didn’t cure it.

However deleting the device and re-adding them cured the issue. A bit of a pain as you have to delete the SmartApps associated with it (as just unticking the sensors doesn’t seem to stop it)

Worked fine after that