Z-Wave MCO Touch Panel Switch

Hi all.

I’ve just bought an MCO Z-Wave Touch Panel Switch and installed it and it’s pretty cool.


It’s got a nice faint orange LED when it’s off so you can see the switch in the dark.

When I put it in inclusion mode, SmartThings found it no problem too. I can turn the switch on and off from the SmartThings app.

The only thing that’s a bit disappointing about the integration is that if I turn the switch on by tapping the actual switch, it doesn’t update the status in SmartThings.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of how I might modify the device type in ST to update? Should I poll, or is there an event I could subscribe to or something?

In SmartThings, the switch identified as a ‘Z-Wave Device Multichannel’ device. I was a bit surprised, I thought it would be ‘Z-Wave Switch’

Any advise would be appreciated.

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I changed it from ‘Z-Wave Device Multichannel Device’ to ‘Z-Wave Switch’ and now it works great.

I can switch it on and off with the app, or if I switch it on at the physical switch it updates in the app a split second later.

All good!

What does this actually allow you to control - only ZWave devices or all the other ST devices? I went to the mfr website but information is lacking…


It’s a Z-Wave physical switch. This switch can replace a normal light switch. You can use SmartThings to turn the switch on and off, or you can touch the switch to toggle it.

I started converting my house to Philips Hue lights, but I quickly discovered that smart bulbs are quite often not the best solution for your house because you use have to use an app to control them (mostly).

Using an app to turn on and off lights can sometimes convenient, but at other times a physical switch is much more convenient - especially if there is more than one person living in the house, you have kids, or you have visitors.

But with these switches, you can still do all the automation in SmartThings, as well as turn them on and off physically.

In my case, I prefer to use mostly normal bulbs and z-wave switches to control the lights. I still have a few lamps with Hue lights for areas where I like to dim / color the lights in certain situations.