MCO Home Multi Switch not multi

In my home, I have MCO Home switches like these
They used to work fine in my previous Z-Wave environment with openhab

But I have now integrated them with Smartthings;

  • the switches with one button work fine
  • I can only control the top button of the 2-buttons switches panel

Any idea?

As an additional information, this double switch implements the Z-Wave Device Multi Channel.

Any idea on how to implement it?

Any one managed to work out how to gt ST to work woth 2 gang - 4 gang models of the MCO Home switches or is it yet anotherrrrrrr thing ST cant so yet in its ever growing list . . .

I haven’t really tried as I’ve been struggling with the development on my Smartthings Hub… But theoretically I know which commands to send and have an idea of an interface.