MCO Switch Not Found

I have just purchased my hub, and a 2 gang MCO switch (310 series). I can manually switch my lights on/off, but I simply cant find my switch on ST when I try to add a new thing.

Please help. What am I doing wrong?

Try to do a zwave general exclusion first, but mco doesn’t work well or fully compatible with ST

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve tried this with no joy. When excluding

  • I’ve tried pressing one of the MCO switches for 12s.

Is there anything else to do? I was about to locate ST right next to the
switch on my next attempt.

I am pleased to confirm that locating ST right next to the MCO switch worked perfectly.

hi. Does your MCO switch work OK with Smartthings in the end? I was considering buying the 4-load version ( but I was worried by a comment above that MCO is not compatible. Could you reflect any learning please like would you buy again, any unreliability, custom or default device handler, etc? Thanks, Rob