Z-wave Eaton Switch

Is the Eaton RF9601DW Z-Wave plus wireless switch compatible with the SmartThings hub?
Any help is much appreciated.

It’s using the S2 security level, so it might not work well with the V1 hub.

The basic on/off features should work just fine with a V2 hub or higher.

Advanced features like child lock out and panic option would probably require custom code and I don’t know if anyone has done one for that specific model yet or not.

Looks like a nice device: historically, the Eaton Cooper switches have been very well engineered. :sunglasses:

Thank you for your feedback. Will I be able to automate the lights to automatically turn off on a schedule?

I should have mentioned the first time that using that switch will require a smartthings hub. Do you have one? And if so, which model?

As long as you do have a smartthings hub, then, yes, you can automate the basic on/off feature of that switch with the smartthings mobile app. You can base it on a timer, on sunset or sunrise, on another switch or sensor going on, and hopefully on Geopresence, although Geopresence has been kind of flaky lately.

Yes, I have model # IM6001-V3P01. Thank your feedback, I will let you know how it turns out.

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Ok, in that case you should be fine. :sunglasses: The following supportbase article shows how to create automations:

Interesting . . . is that true in general for all devices that include as S2, or is your comment specific to the Eaton switch? For example, Inovelli switches can include as S2? Would you possibly expect an issue with a Gen 1 hub with those?

Great question. I’ve just heard different reports about S2 and the V1 hub. @erocm1231 or @Kianoosh_Karami might know for sure.

S2 devices are all backwards compatible with either S0 or no security. The reason I say “either” is because I have heard of some S2 lightbulbs that do not support S0. So if S2 fails they revert back to non-secure.

Any way, S2 switches should down grade their security when included on the gen 1 hub.