Eaton Z-Wave Plus integration with SmartThings (3 way switch)

I have multiple 3 way lights in my basement.

For each of them I have Eaton Z-Wave Plus Dimming switches, the RF9640-N is the universal dimmer and the RF9642-Z is the accessory dimmer.

The Universal Dimmer is wired to the lights, the accessory dimmer just has power, and controls the light via RF signal to the Universal Dimmer.

I have an Aeotec Hub using SmartThings to control everything. I have no issues adding the dimmer to SmartThings. I was also able to learn how to use Z-Wave Tweaker to get the Accessory dimmer to communicate with the Universal Dimmer . I have no issues controlling dimming or turning the lights on/off from either manual switch.

The problem seems to be the SmartThings app, or comms from the switches to it. In SmartThings both dimmers show up as unique devices, and SmartThings doesnt properly show the on/off status of the lights.

EX: lights will be off, the LEDs on the dimmers show the light is off, but Smart Things will show one of the dimmers as off and one of the dimmers as on. It appears that the dimmer displaying as on will always be whatever dimmer was not physically pressed.

ALSO if the lights are on, and I use the APP to turn off the Universal Dimmer, it will turn off the lights, but leave Accessory dimmer displaying “on” in the app.

My question is how do I get the app to show/represent the current state of the switch? Maybe I missed a Tweaker setting somewhere?