Z-Wave door/window sensor device changes

I have some ecolonk z-wave door/window sensors connected to ST using the built-in z-wave door/window sensor device handler. All was well until recently, when the devices started double-reporting state changes. See below. Has something changed recently with that DTH?

Thanks, I’m not the only one then, wrote this in the Hub Firmware thread:

"Since the update to v17 my Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensors events now seems to be “motion” instead of “contact” and report “motion” instead of open close according to the event log.

2018-02-02 5:28:47.923 PM CET
10 minutes ago DEVICE motion inactive Front door motion has stopped
2018-02-02 5:28:45.011 PM CET
10 minutes ago DEVICE motion active Front door detected motion

2018-02-01 5:02:32.752 PM CET
1 day ago DEVICE contact closed Front door is closed
2018-02-01 5:02:27.494 PM CET
1 day ago DEVICE contact open Front door is open"

Not the same issue, but something must have changed in the fw update. Z-wave plus door/window sensors are now Local instead of Cloud, which also made my sensors stop reporting as door window sensors…

I wonder if it’s possible that I have a local instance and a cloud instance of the DTH running simultaneously?

I tried to exclude and re-add one of my sensors without luck. Same issue still. If I change the DTH from the previously ok working “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” to the Fibaro one or the “Door / Window Sensor Plus (SG)” one, the sensor now is back to reporting open/close, but then I’m back in the cloud and can’t benefit from local execution

I have the Ecolink Z-wave Plus tilt sensor for my garage door, and I’d say about 75% of the time it reports the status change 2-3 times. It’s been doing it since I bought it over a year ago. Same thing you see - first says “was closed”, second says “is closed”.

I contacted SmartThings support and they dug into it for an hour with me and we couldn’t resolve, trying all kinds of things and DTHs. I gave up and just live with it.

Also, the battery status for the device has been 99% for the last year I’ve had it. Only once did it ever change (to 80% about a month ago), then next time I looked it was back to 99%. shrug