Zwave Plus Door Window Sensor (MonoPrice Recessed)

Picked up 4 of these a couple of months ago. Had two in use and were working great. A few days ago they just stopped reporting (didn’t have any history in the app for them so > 7 days I guess). I’ve been playing around and finally (after a lot of security negotiation errors) got them all to connect. One of them connected as the zwave door/window sensor and the others as the zwave plus door/window sensor. The non-plus is the only one reporting status changes. The others show periodic ‘last updated’ values (like every 3 hours or so) in the ide but won’t show open/close changes.

I have a lot of the GE plus and non-plus light switches. Each door has at least 2 next to it so I can’t believe the signal isn’t getting to them. I even have the 3 non working ones right next to the hub right now hoping they will finally work. Rebooted and repaired so not sure what else to try.

First question though is why does the non-plus device handler show Local whereas the plus one show cloud?

Played around with these again this evening and finally got the other 3 to work. Was an odd situation.
I first deleted all of them in the IDE.
Then I added the first one and added an ‘A’ in front of the name. Save.
Then I added it again. Took some fiddling with the battery and the tamper switch but it added new.
I watched the log in the IDE to know what was going on.
Saved it with the name I wanted and then deleted the other ‘A’ one.
Repeated for the other two.

The first add for each never did change status.
The second add did and has been working fine so far.

My other question still stands - why if it’s using the built-in dth for the zwave plus sensor does it show as Cloud based?

I’m curious regarding this too

I might need to submit that question as a thread by itself to get some more eyes on it