Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor - Reporting Open in Error

I have a few Monoprice 10795 Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors that occasionally report they are open when in fact they are not.

Given ST reliability issues I assumed it was ST not working properly. However I started to dive into the event logs and it appears the alert may be coming from the sensor itself.

I’ve included the event from the sensor reporting.

Any guidance on what the issue may be here or where to look next?

Sliding Door Sensor is open
Name	Value
archivable	true
    "microDeviceTile": {
        "type": "standard",
        "icon": "st.contact.contact.open",
        "backgroundColor": "#ffa81e"
date	2016-10-03 1:27:45.516 AM CDT (2016-10-03T06:27:45.516Z)
description	Sliding Door Sensor is open
displayed	true
eventSource	DEVICE
isStateChange	true
isVirtualHub	false
linkText	Sliding Door Sensor
name	contact
rawDescription	zw device: 05, command: 2003, payload: FF
translatable	false
unixTime	1475476065516
value	open
viewed	false

I have the same door sensors, and I’ve been getting random false readings for the last month or so. After the door is opened, it is not always reading when the door is then closed. Of course, I don’t know it until I leave and get a Smart Home Monitor notification that a door sensor is open!
Any luck determining if it in fact a sensor issue or ST issue?

I have 4 of the same sensors and all 4 have the same problem. They occasionally report they are open when in fact they are closed. I can get the sensor to report the door is closed by opening and closing the door. It’s like the sensor doesn’t send the closed signal to the hub. It seems to happen if the door is opened several times in a row and typically not on the first open/close of a door. I like the sensors and may try the more expensive brand to see if the problem continues. Is there a way to force ST to read state of the switch to get it to update without opening the door?

Try changing the battery, then repositioning the contacts i had a Lowe’s iris sensor perfectly aligned and the last thing I tried was changing the position. The small magnet now sits about a quarter inch front of the, contact sensor. The marks aren’t aligned up but the problem went away.