Z-Wave Devices Unavailable in SmartThings Hub

Hi all- I know this has been discussed many times, but I have yet to find a solution. I am just getting started into the world of home automation last week and set up a new SmartThings Hub V2 and around 50 GE Z-Wave Plus devices (light switches and outlet plugs), and all of them randomly go “Unavailable” in my app. They still work with voice command through Echo, and they work when I toggle on/off in the app.

I don’t have any automations currently set up, but I think some people were having trouble with their automations when the device became “unavailable”.

I tried switching off “Device Health”, but it had no effect.

Has anyone come up with a solution. All of these devices are less than a week old, so I know they aren’t bad.

Exclude and repair the affected devices, the only known solution and before doing so turn off device health.

Does exclude just mean to remove the device from my ST hub? Do I then add them back and do a Z-Wave network repair? I can’t seem to find how to repair a single device.

My apologies for all the questions.

Best advice it to disable Device Health as @RBoy suggested. In the ST app, click on the More menu choice on the bottom of the screen. Then click on Device Health and disable it.