Z-Wave devices report but do not respond

Do you have any other errors showing in that ZWave repair or did it come back 100% clean

The Zwave Repair showed no errors.

Obviously it is unusual to have a Wink hub as a secondary on a ST setup, and smartthings is known not to play well with secondaries…Were you having problems before you added the wink hub?

Also, do you have any other hubs or subhubs added to this network? I have seen subhubs show up as “unknown device“ in the past.

The Wink hub only functions as a Zwave repeater, nothing else.

Looks like a ghost device which can disrupt the mesh comms. See this topic for more details:


Thanks for this additional information and link. Here’s the thing, the network repairs just fine:

But, this still remains…

Then, following the remove ghost device, the first time at the delete the ghost device it says complete, but doesn’t actually remove it. Then I run it again and get to the Force Delete option.

Then, after the new repair:

ghost remains

D2 is 210 decimal. Do you have that many zwave devices? Is it possible that it’s a virtual device that you defined as being a zwave device?

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also, how long did you wait before checking???

I ask because, the IDE is more like a freight train - than a sportscar. It’s not realtime. Some things take up to 24 hours before you see any changes.

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Wait for what, specifically?

Let’s just say, I was thinking more along the lines of a Plaid Tesla than Union Pacific.

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I believe I have a total of 3 Zwave devices + the one that has been a problem + the unknown device.

OK, then it’s very likely that the unknown device is either a virtual device or a proxy device. Because you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near that device ID, they are given out in sequential order (one, two, three). The numbers don’t get reused until you get all the way up to 255 and then they start over again. So maybe you got that high with various failed pairings, but I’m guessing not.

Once upon a time, although this no longer happens, subhubs On the Samsung connect Wi-Fi system would show up as an unknown device with a weird device number.

So I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, this is an artifact from having joined the Wink hub to your network. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to get rid of it, and it will probably always show in the path with the wink hub. But I don’t know for sure. I don’t know anyone else who’s tried to use a wink hub in the manner you are.

The best way to test that would be to remove the wink hub. Then if the ghost device is still there, create a virtual and remove it. Then add the wink hub back and see if the unknown device comes back also.

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Specifically, the routing entry on the device in the IDE - usually takes 24 hours to show changes.

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It sounds like your go control has lost it’s connection with the hub. This is a common issue with this model. Try to realign the antenna direction and hit the reset button once or power cycle and then then run a z-wave repair. If that still doesn’t restore the connection you’ll have to exclude and re pair it.

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There is no antenna to realign on this model.

Powered off the Wink Hub and now this…

Think I might buy a Aotec zwave repeater/extender.

Man thats nasty…

Something is very much up with your ZWave network. Unfortunately until those ghosts are gone you’ll continue to have issues… Continue to clear ghosts, ZWave repair, repeat.

The Aeotec extender is really no better than any other ZWave device anymore at extending range, especially with the advent of the 700 series ZWave chipsets. Just get good quality ZWave plus line powered devices.


The device has a rotating Mount, you can angle the Mount to change the antenna (built in) direction.

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Mine is screwed directly to a rafter, but I can realign it. Do you recall where the antenna is located?

Never mind, went back to this thread: Linear Garage Door Opener Stopped Working - #65 by timnord

I had a feeling I should have replaced the antenna when I applied this fix.

So, thanks all for the assistance with this. Using the “go slow” method I was able to remove the ghost devices: