Z-Wave devices report but do not respond

Powered off the Wink Hub and now this…

Think I might buy a Aotec zwave repeater/extender.

Man thats nasty…

Something is very much up with your ZWave network. Unfortunately until those ghosts are gone you’ll continue to have issues… Continue to clear ghosts, ZWave repair, repeat.

The Aeotec extender is really no better than any other ZWave device anymore at extending range, especially with the advent of the 700 series ZWave chipsets. Just get good quality ZWave plus line powered devices.


The device has a rotating Mount, you can angle the Mount to change the antenna (built in) direction.

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Mine is screwed directly to a rafter, but I can realign it. Do you recall where the antenna is located?

Never mind, went back to this thread: Linear Garage Door Opener Stopped Working - #65 by timnord

I had a feeling I should have replaced the antenna when I applied this fix.

So, thanks all for the assistance with this. Using the “go slow” method I was able to remove the ghost devices: