Various issues started all of a sudden

My SmartThings V2 hub has been working very well for a few years now, but over the past few weeks has been a real nuisance. Z-Wave devices have been dropping offline, have been very slow to respond and have been reporting inconsistent states.

The majority of my devices are Fibaro and I have a selection of TKB sockets also. I have tried numerous Z-Wave repairs & hub restarts to no avail. It just started playing up overnight (3-4 weeks ago). Pretty much all of my devices are affected, it seems pot-luck whether a device will respond to a command issued by either the ST classic app or WebCore.

I was hoping that it might have been an issue with a firmware update but can’t seen anyone else complaining of anything similar. Any suggestions ?

Only z-wave? Z-wave repairs - are there any errors?

Checked logs in IDE?

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Yes, all ZWave. Yes, a few errors:

Mainly “can’t delete old routes” and “can’t assign new routes” but most of these relate to devices that have mysteriously dropped offline.