Z-Wave repair killed just about everything

Had 1 device go unresponsive last night. So I added another repeater to the area. Already 3 there but hey maybe somethings is effecting that route. Did a z-wave repair as I always do when adding a new device. Then a couple more things go offline(What the). Did i again then a couple more(Are you kidding me). Once more and it’s like 60 of them gone. (This is just nuts)

What gives? I only have 70 something z-wave devices installed. Any ideas what may be causing this?

Forgot to add cloud device handlers were online local TU

No brilliant ideas, but have you rebooted your router and your ST hub and remove any batteries. Unplug hub, reboot router, plug hub in/batteries again. Can’t hurt, might help.

I had this happen to me about 2 weeks ago as well. I had to go through my house and unpair and repair all zwave devices. I took me a good couple of hours to do.

What repeater did you add?

To troubleshoot it backwards, you could exclude and remove the device you just added from SmartThings. Then run another Z-Wave repair and see if you have the same issue or not.


Have you rebooted your ST hub? You dont need to reboot your router.

You should not, almost never, have to do that. Rebooting the ST hub didn’t work it out?

Reboot did nothing.

Monoprice dimmer.

I think device health is enabled and the option to turn it off does nothing. SmartThings seems to no longer even sends commands to the device if it thinks it’s off line. I’ve been removing and re-adding devices all morning and different ones keep going off-line.

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I can turn on and off everything with zensys-tools just not smartthings

Is there a chance you may have hit the controller shift button?

If you look at the hub info in the IDE, in the Z-Wave section what is the SUC ID?

Suc ID: 01

That’s good. At least that did not change.

Some possibilities; a repeating device may have failed, node table corrupted during a rebuilt, health check.

You can try another repair. It probably won’t help. I would suggest contacting support if you haven’t already.

Nothing has failed as everything actually still worked. Can’t say about the routing tables, but sure would be nice if there was a back up. I can’t believe they are trying to market this thing for security. But after giving up yesterday, all is well again. I still don’t know why it would not send the commands out. It always has in the past even when it thought they were offline. Heck it even updated the status before and still thought they were offline. My wife hasn’t complained today, I do not want to migrate to/learn a new system, so I won’t be bringing it up. But she has come to expect certain things out of it which imo is a good thing.