Z-Wave device joins network but not added to device list

So I’m having an issue with an Enerwave ZW15SM-Plus. The device appears to join, but nothing pops up on the ‘add thing’ screen on my phone. Logged into the IDE and took a look through my device list and there were no additions. Then checked the live logging, there I can see device state changes when I toggle the switch on/off via the paddle. On the Event List I can see where the device setup started, 4 commands sent to the device, it joins the z-wave network, then “z-wave device setup finished”. The device is never created and added to my list. I have excluded it, reset it to factory, rebooted hub, and repaired z-wave network. wasted about 7 or 8 z-wave device IDs trying to get it to work…Is it the hub, me, or the device itself?? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I ran into this with a different device and found a workaround.

Immediately after the device is joined look at the hub events in the IDE and you should be able to find an entry that says something like join and has the device network id which will be 2 characters.

If you manually create the device in the IDE, enter those characters into the device network id field, and change the type to the correct handler, the device should function normally.


Awesome! Worked perfectly, Thank you!!

Tagging @cbaumler. This doesn’t sound normal and may be a bug which ST might want to look into. Not sure if it’s already been addressed with the 25.x series firmware.


It might actually be the device. I was trying to configure the parameters last night, but it wasn’t taking them. When I polled the current settings it was returning odd values or wouldn’t return anything at all. Tried the same on another one that I have, it responded correctly. I will be returning it and try another. Will update this post once I get the new one. Thanks for your help guys!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll look into it.


It happened to me today also, with 6 devices that worked previously.
It’s not your device.

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Not the device. Received another one and it won’t automatically report wattage change or show/update parameters either. It will switch the status light from “lit when off” to “lit when on” but won’t change back until an exclude/reset. Since manually creating the device in the IDE, they now show up in “add a thing” when including them in the app.

If this happens again to anyone, please let me know so that I can pull logs and investigate.

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Any chance this is related to the recent bug that was splitting zwave networks among multiple smartthings locations, so that the hub was on one location but at least some of the end devices were on another?

Was experiencing the same problem installing a Kwikset 910 deadbolt. Past two days I thought it wasn’t pairing, then I found the hub event log.
Using the two digit alphanumeric code did the trick when nothing else did.thank you!!

Have there been any new developments on this topic? I’m relatively new to all things z-wave as well as Smartthings; however, I have been able to get about 40 devices online in my home. 30+ blinds. The first 20 added as expected through the new app. That last few, the app does not acknowledge the addition and the IDE does not show the device in the list; however, I can manually add a new device and it works. The Event List does not always provide the Network ID of the new device, or at least not that I can decipher. I have been simply adding 1 to the previous Network ID ( they appear to be in Hex). So far my educated-guesses have been correct. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My next trouble-shooting trick will be to delete the app (iPhone X) and reinstall to see if it’s a cached info problem.


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