Missing Devce ID?

Last weekend a bunch of my Zwave devices all started acting weird and many at the back of the house are not polling at all.

I performed a Zwave network repair and I got a message that several devices could not “re-route”

One of the first to fail was device ID 15.

So I head over to IDE to find out which is my problem device… and I don’t have a Device ID 15.

Device 14 is the Front Door Street light switch and
Device 16 is the Christmas lights plug in the eaves switch .

No Device 15. It looks like several of my devices are trying to use it as an access point, but its not there.

When I look at the list there is no obvious missing device. They are all there.

Weird… Any ideas? How can I make it go away?

I would create a ticket with support.

You could also login to the IDE and try and create a new device and insert 15 as the device id and see if it lets you save it. If it fails to save complaining that the device already exists, then you know that somewhere in the system, there is a device that definitely exists (even if not visible) in your Devices.

Thanks, Yup I opened a ticket with support and they deleted the mystery device.

All of the off line devices woke up but 2… and those two woke up after I cycled the power to the ZL7431(s) that supported them .


Device health is turned off but the Radio Thermostats (which are the backbone of my ZWave Network) seem to be randomly going off line… Curious.

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