Z wave alerts

I have alerts set up to text me only for my smoke/CO detector. Randomly as I was opening the garage door this morning it texted me that there was an intrusion. I almost always use my keypad to open the door and never the app, so I am not sure why I am now getting this text. In fact, I am getting one every hour now about an intrusion. I attempted to remove the door opener from the alerts and I continue to receive texts as well as alerts on the app. Ive shut off all alerts, which I am not happy about doing and continue to get alerts. I also emailed customer service who provided me solutions that I had already done or did not have correct information on telling me how to get to things. I had to block the text messages, which I am not happy about as I really do want a text when only my detector goes off. Does anyone else have a solution? Thanks!

Open Smart Home Monitor and clear/dismiss the alert. If you have set up SHM in both apps, you would need to clear the alert in each one.

Unfortunately opening the monitor did nothing for me. I was unable to clear alerts from the new app, as it wasn’t showing any. I deleted the notify me when (which only had my smoke alarm) and just set up a new one. For some reason it looks completely different now and I am unable to add SMS alerts back. Do you know how I can do this? Thanks for your help!

Again, if you have ever used the Classic app and also installed SHM there, you would need to go there and dismiss the alerts.

SHM in Classic and the new apps are completely separate and dismissing the alert in one does not dismiss in the other.

As for setting up alerts in SHM in the new app, it appears they have made recent changes and I do not know the answer at this time.

Thank you! I think that’s where the confusion must be, I am not able to find what I need in the new app, as opposed to the classic app. I was able to take care of the alert in the classic app. I hope I can figure out what changes they made to the new app so I can get this taken care of. Thanks again!