Intrution detected notification without smart home monitor

Today Tuesday Oct 30th I started getting notifications every time a sensor (motion or door) gets triggered even when smart home monitor was set to disarm.

I even remove smart home monitor and I am still getting the notifications on both ios and android.

Anyone experiencing an issue like this?

Are you using the Classic app or the ST (Samsung Connect) app or both? If, by chance, you are using SHM in both - they are completely independent apps of each other.

thanks for telling I did have both of them. I remove the ST one from my phone to see if that would make a difference but nothing still triggering it

If you go into the device you can see what smartapps are using it (in ST classic). In STSC you can go to Notification History.

Also, you will need to clear the alerts in SHM before the notifications will stop :slight_smile:

Here is the screenshot from my office door sensor, every time I open the door it triggers the notification. This on every single door sensor in the house.

SHM does not have any alerts right now. In fact I even remove all associations with sensors on SHM and still getting a notification every time a sensor triggers.

JKP, OMG this was nuts. Turns out that the new app had and active alert and even though I remove the app I was still getting notifications. I had to re-install the new app, clear the alert like you say and then I deleted the new app. Sticking with classic for now

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