Smartthings app first alert smoke alarm

Ok, so I just got a new s9 and just went with the new Smarthings app that is on the phone. I can see all of my devices and it seems to work. My issue is that my First Alert smoke alarm went off and I cleared it but now I continue to receive a text message every hour reminding me that there was an alarm so many hours ago. How do I clear that? I tried downloading the classic app like I read on the internet and clearing it but it is asking for my welcome code which I can’t find. My hub is a SmartThings Hub v2 (2015). How can I fix this? Thanks

When logging into the Classic app… choose New to SmartThings and then login with your Samsung account. Check to see if you have multiple locations, in which case, you only need to switch to the location that contains your hub and devices. Then you should be able to clear the alert in SHM.

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Thanks for the reply but I only see one location.

I’m just guessing, but did you have the notifications for the smoke alarms set up in classic already?

Both the V2 classic app and the new V3 app have a feature called “smart home monitor” but they are actually completely different code and totally independent. So rules set up in one version of the app create notifications that cannot be cleared in the other version of the app.

Once you get into the classic app again, just clear the notifications there, then delete anything you have for smart home monitor there and re-create it over in the V3 app and then you should be able to clear the notifications from the V3 app.