First Alert Smoke/CO was triggered and continue to send sms every hour

Copied the title from another post. My garage CO detector tripped why working on an engine in my garage (thanks, actual CO). I vented the garage, cleared/reset the detector, and cleared the even within the IOS app. This was five days ago and I continue to receive sms text reminders. I have unplugged and reset my hub and power cycled my phone. The ST app doesn’t show any red flags and the device reads clear in the app on the device LEDs. HELP Please!

Do you use smart home monitor? In the classic app, click dashboard and click into smart home monitor and clear any alerts there. Until that is cleared you will get hourly alerts.

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What @ritchierich said will do the trick.

Thanks for the responses. I am not using the classic ver of the app, I’m on the new one. I have already cleared all alerts with no success. I did notice that the smoke/co detector was missing yesterday. I removed the device and reinstalled it, but am still getting txt message reminders… though not as often. Why?

Ok, that’s odd. Use the Classic app and go to the device and tap on the SmartApp tab, go through the list of apps that device is tied to and look for anything that could/would send a notification.

You may have to remove SHM via the new app, but try what I said above first.

Have you ever used the Classic app? If yes, SHM in both apps are totally separate from each other. What happens in SHM in one app does not have any impact on SHM in the other app. So if you previously set up SHM in Classic, is still operating on it’s own (whether the app is installed or not). In which case, you would need to install and go into SHM there to clear the alerts. Also, removing/reinstalling the device would not clear the alerts.

Yes, I have used the classic app… though I have been on the new app for quite some time now. I believe the smoke/co detector was installed on the classic app prior to updating apps. Are you thinking that reinstalling the classic app and checking for alerts will clear this? Should I have removed all devices from the classic app before I upgraded? What if I have the new app installed on a previous (and currently unused) cell phone?

Yes, install the Classic app and check and see if SHM is installed and alerts set up. I recommend keeping both apps installed and use both. There is no need to remove any devices. It is possible you may not find some devices in both apps. For example, Samsung TVs and appliances only work with the STSC app.

If you don’t want the Classic app, I would suggest removing SHM from it before uninstalling the app or you might run into the same situation in the future.

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Excellent suggestions. I may keep the classic app on my old phone and remove SHM to avoid having excess apps on my current phone.

Thanks Everyone!

Yes, that was this issue. I loaded the classic app on my old phone and there were two alerts displayed… one for the smoke/co and one for a water sensor that triggered a month ago! Thanks for the help


Well, I am no longer receiving hourly text reminders… that’s great! On the downside I lost control of my system. I no longer see the hub in the classic app or the new app on my old and new phone. Not sure what happened. I removed the smart home monitor on my old phone (classic app) and since doing that I was kicked out of the new app on my new phone. I believe the hub is no longer running or is at least no longer running my home lighting app which had been faithfully turning my lights on at sunset -7min for almost a year. Any ideas?

Having the same issue. This is insane that I have to go install the old app. Developers did not think this through.