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Smoke detector sending reminders every hour - how do I clear it?

(thefinalmonster) #1

I never had an issue navigating around the iOS app, but this one got me.
I have a First Alert smoke/CO detector and after replacing the battery I went through a test cycle.
Since that test cycle, I keep getting notifications on my phone every hour: "Reminder: smoke detected by…"
How do I stop these?


Go to Smart Home Monitor and dismiss the alert.

(thefinalmonster) #3

Duh! Thanks! How could I not see it…

(Realy Living Dream) #4

It is not all that intuitive, unless they have fixed it in the app. I had that " reminder" for a leak going off for what seemed like forever when I first installed them & tested it. I ass-u-me’d that just acknowledging it on the home screen was enough, never thought to actually click on the alert and then click dismiss.

(Joe R) #5

I have the same problem but there’s nothing in smart home monitor about that alert and no way to dismiss it. New app.


Go to the Classic app, then SHM and dismiss the alert. SHM is different between the two (assuming you’ve used the Classic app to set up SHM).