30 hours old intrusion text won't stop

I’m getting a text every hour about an intrusion. I’ve seen a few threads about this but their old and the solution about removing the smart home monitor app and reinstall don’t work.

When logging in I can’t see anything to dismiss. It’s like it’s something old hanging left from before I reseted the hub.

When in my smartapps tab trying to enter the smart home monitor, it tells me something is wrong. Can’t load the screen right now, with a retry button at the bottom.

Have you installed both the Classic and STSC apps? and if yes, did you install SHM on both? They are two completely separate apps so if you dismiss the alert on one does not clear it in the other app.

I will need to try that. Just removed it from the classic. I will post updates

I don’t know how remove it from there, but looking at the alarm log the alert in question is not in the list.

SHM in Classic is the only one that can send SMS messages

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I removed it several times and reinstalled, but the text keeps coming every hour.

I am stumped. unless someone else has an idea, you will need to contact ST support at https://support.smartthings.com


Yeah I will try that. Thanks

I have same problem. Upgraded my app to ST samsung app. My wife had ST classic that I did not realize. Everything was fine for few weeks, till last Sunday couple of alerts got triggered (intrusion and leak sensor). Now I cannot stop the SMSs.

On my phone, I never had Smart Home app. I installed but of course those alert wont show up here for me to dismiss.

My wife phone, the classic app was just spinning and did not load for me. So I uninstalled the app and installed classic app again. Now its not even allowing me to login. As soon as I enter email address, it does nothing. Tried clearing cache.

are you selecting New to SmartThings when logging in?

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried login as new user also and did not work.

Went to app, storage data, cleared cache, cleared data, force stop the app. Restarted the phone and it let me logged in as new user and used samsung login instead of old ST login.

Was able to clear alerts.