"Your SmartThings Hub 'Home Hub' appears to be inactive..."

I keep getting messages randomly throughout the day on my iPhone that my hub at home appears to be inactive. When I go into the app to check it seems to be working ok, though I’m not at home to actually check and see if it’s responding appropriately. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Between this and actions randomly being triggered I’m starting to consider going back to my Vera setup.

Go here and sign up for notifications. There have been some outages. http://status.smartthings.com/

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Same here, this must be a SmartThings issue. Any time frame on resolve? I have multiple hubs in multiple locations, and the notifications are blowing up my phone and tablet for past day.

Yeah, super annoying…not to mention it sends notifications to every associated phone which can really tick of girlfriends/ wives…

Same, same, too bad. Major drawback right now with ST architecture.

There HAS to be a way to make this happen. With everything else the ST can do I can’t believe there isn’t a way.