Hub intermittently goes inactive since the 22nd

It’s happening about once a day. The hub goes “blue.” I have to reset it by pressing the red button on the back. It’s a v2.

Anyone else experiencing inactivity issues over the past week, and have any working solutions?

I had a similar problem today. It turns out that my internet connection went out for about 5 minutes last night which caused the hub to lose its connection. However the hub was not able to re establish the network connection so it was offline. i had to reset the hub to get it to connect back up.

I sent a question to support and they said they would investigate to see why it did not automatically come back online. Not sure they will be able to figure it out though since it has only happened once (so far).

I have been seeing similar things over the last week. All of my timed triggers have also stopped working??

Same here. Hub went inactive at the vacation house so it had to stay dead all week until I could drive 600 miles up here to push the button. Died again today for no reason but luckily I was still here. If this persists I’ll have to rethink this product as an option for remote locations. No way would I count on it for security until it’s smart enough to restart itself after a hiccup.

Same here. Hub goes inactive and won’t come back up without a manual reset. It has happened occasionally over the last couple months but the last week or so it has happened several times. ST is becoming one of the more unreliable smart home devices I have. My wife wants me to replace it with something that actually works. ST is now a close second to my Lyric thermostat when it comes to being unreliable.

Dead again. It lasted a little over 24 hours but went offline before I made it home. Now it’s going to be what amounts to a $100 paperweight until I can back up there in two weeks to poke the button again. I suspect a problem that’s going to repeat until some kind of fix happens.

I highly recommend a change that forces a reset after the hub has been in a disconnected/unusable state for more than a preset time, If the hub is basically dead because it can’t connect then the reset should have zero impact. If the problem is a lost Internet connection then the problem is external to ST’s control so the best the hub can do is to keep trying. If however the hub is the problem then everything is dead until a reset happens and ST does have control over that action. Given the choice of HOPING the problem is with the network and it will come back, or bouncing the hub and taking that possibility out of the equation (with virtually no impact) then why not?

same problem here. The hub went offline 6 hours ago but it is at my vacation place and there is nothing I can do from here. I know internet connection is ok as I can get access to my 2 nests

I’ve been experiencing this almost daily. I’m still 1,300 miles away from my home in the Rocky Mountains and still have not manually rebooted. My V2 Hub local items appear to be working but I’ve given up on the Cloud until I return.

I’ve been having the same problem! Constant ‘your hub is inactive’ since the last update. 3,4 sometimes 5 times a day. No other wifi connected device is affected. I’ve changed cables; plugged into different router modem ports, and I continue to have the constant dropouts.

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I’ve seen a reduction in these issues lately. I think it was my broadband provider, not the SMART Hub or Smartthings itself. Seems like my internet was dropping once or twice a day for about a week when the update hit. Some coincidence. So far, these past two weeks, I haven’t had an issue.