"You can't currently add this" in "Select Audio Player" in Smart Home Monitor?

I just started using Smart Home Monitor on my Android cell phone. When I take this path:
Security > Audio Notifications > Select Audio Player: it says: “You can’t currently add this”

How do I fix that?

(Device/App: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / SmartThings Classic/Smart Home Monitor)

Goal: I’d like to receive audio push notifications when certain sensors are set off.
Better yet, I’d like to hear different sounds, depending on whether the alert is a motion sensor or a door sensor. Is either possible on an Android phone? On an Android smart watch?

~ Thanks in advance
Suzie the Newbie

What your are looking for isn’t an audio player, it’s to notify via push notification. In the same screen you’re selecting “Audio Notifications” select “Text & Push notifications” instead. Audio notications are used to sound a siren or play an alarm through attached speakers. Also, you’ll need to add yourself as a contact. In the app menu go to “My Contacts” and touch the “+” and add yourself.

Thanks Ryan!

If you want to have audio notifications, then you will need to add compatible audio device ( Sonos, Samsung WAM, Fabriq etc) to your system.

Thanks RLD!

From within Smart Home Monitor I setup “Notify Me When” to send me a text message when the motion sensor in the hallway senses movement. That worked great, except that an hour hour my cell phone alerted me that it had been an hour since the motion sensor sensed movement. The text message read: “Reminder: intrusion detected by the sensor 1 hour ago.”

How do I prevent Smart Home Monitor or “Notify Me When” from texting me reminder texts?

For SHM you have to clear the intrusion alert in the app. Tap the red banner to clear it.