SmartThings Home Monitor not sending notifications

Using the new app with a v3 hub. I have set up some door switches in my SmartThings Home Monitor which appear to be communicating properly. I have set up my SmartThings Home Monitor to notify 2 people in the event of an intrusion. When I set the Home Stay or Home Away, then open a door, I am getting an intrusion event in the app, but no notification are sent.

Additionally, I have selected the option for a Push Notification, but the app does not ask who to send it to.

Any ideas?

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Hey there! @KCrane Thanks for reaching out for assistance with your Smart Home Monitor.

I’d like to confirm a few things that may assist you further with troubleshooting your concerns.

  1. Are you trying to have the Push Notification pop up on the Owners device or Receive a Text message to the 2 Users Devices? Are they Andriod Devices running 7.0 or Higher?

  2. Have you ensured that push notifications are enabled for SmartThings on the 2 user’s devices? Settings>Apps>Smartthings>Notifications>Smartthings Notifications. Here you can set the settings for Alert, Silent, and Pop-Up.

  3. If you are located in the US and are trying to receive a Text message Notification to the two devices, have their numbers been OPT’d in to receive SMS Notifications from SmartThings as of 9/25/2019? You can view additional information about the changes here at this link: Changes to SMS Service

  4. Have you ensured that the Members are added to the location.
    (+) > Add Member either by Samsung Email Account or Accepting an invitation by QR Code by Nearby scanning.

Under your Smartthings Home Monitor>Settings>Responses>Text Messages, you can select the Members that you wish to receive the message.

I hope this message finds you well!


Thanks for helping me with this issue.

  1. I am receiving push notification after opting in to SMS services. I am not receiving text messages from Home Monitor after an Intrusion event, but I can receiving text messages via Automations. I would like to receive both push notifications and text messages after an intrusion is recognized in Home Monitor.

  2. See #1

  3. I am located in the U.S. and I have texted Yes to

@KCrane, Thank you for confirming that information and that you are eligible for the feature being located in the US.

Have you already put in a support ticket for us to track the symptom/logs?
US: 1-866-813-2404

As it appears the option for the message text is not appearing as it does in Automations, where you have the option for your typed message and choosing the recipient. When intrusion occurs, there’s no typed message to be sent.

I would recommend utilizing the SmartApp, Notify Me When for SMS features or Creating an Automation for when the door opens and the security mode is set, Send a push notification and message to both Members as I continue to escalate this concern for you to have the ability in the Smart Things Home Monitor.

I hope this message finds you well!


I cannot find “Notify Me When” on the android Play Store. The Samsung support website says:

“​With SmartThings, you can build custom automations to automatically trigger multiple actions, including notifying you or your Members when certain events take place in your home. You can do this in the classic app as well using the Notify Me When SmartApp.”

This indicates that Notify Me When is only available on the classic app, which is no longer available. (Why am I telling this to the Samsung SmartThings technical support team)?


Just to confirm. When you setup the STHM Under the set response. 2 lines above the Push notifications is the Send text message. Is this where you are putting numbers for text in? This what I’m using. Allowed me to select anyone in my contacts.

Yes, I have set it up as you describe. I have selected 2 contacts to receive the texts, but no texts are received after an intrusion event.

When the Home Monitor is in the Arm (Away) mode, I would like to get a stronger notification than a push notification. I’m not sure that even a text would be enough since I have so many beep notifications coming from my phone all day. I am looking at setting up an auto dialer that can be triggered with a smart switch.

Thank you for providing that screenshot to confirm you have STHM set up properly, not having the option for typing the message to be sent and it being blank is what is causing your symptoms.

You would need to publish the Notify me When via the IDE Tool. Here is a link to login with your credentials:

You can do so by logging into IDE > My Smart Apps from the top of page > + Add Smart App> Templates> Select Notify me When, Select Create and then Publish the template.

Return back to your Smart Things Application and select “SmartApps” at the bottom you will have a new section for Notify Me When where you can manage SMS Alerts for when an action occurs.

Additionally, if you need help with Publishing there are topics on the forum that go into further discussion.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Thank you for the information. My apologies for being snarky. On review within the SmartThings app, Notify Me When does not offer an option to notify on a Home Monitor Event. I plan to proceed with a third party solution.

@SamsungZell i have also reported same thing earlier last week on another post. There are other users with the same issue. Push notifications for STHM are not working. I use to have notifications pop up every time STHM status change (arm/disarm), but not anymore. It seems ridiculous that i have to create automation to be notified about change.