Actual Alarm On Phone

Hello Everyone,
I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my Home-Monitor (built in stock) within SmartThings to sound an alarm !!!ON OUR PHONES!!! when the security system is triggered. It only makes a sends a text message and visible notification when the system is triggered.
For instance, when we’re away and somebody breaks into the house all we get is an easily missed text message and the app has a indication in my notifications bar and that’s all. I’m like 90% sure that when we first set up the system our phones would go nuts with a very audible distinct alarm sound and that was perfect.
I want the phone to light up like a Christmas tree and make as much noise as possible, what am I doing wrong here? This problem has caused us a lot of grief and I’m really close to just paying for a security monitoring system in which case I will probably ditch SmartThings out of spite.

STATED ANOTHER WAY: I’m having trouble getting our phones to sound an audible/obvious alarm when our Smartthings security system is triggered. What can I do to get the phone to light up and go crazy if there’s an intrusion/break in? I need it to sound a siren on the phone such that it can’t be discarded as just a regular notification/text

What’s the brand and model of your phone? Some allow you to set specific notification sounds from specific sources.

(BTW, A lot of people don’t want crazy siren sounds on their phone when their security system is breached because it will tell the intruders exactly where you are in the Home. Just a thought. )

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I have a OnePlus 8 pro and my wife has a IPone 8 or something. But I imagine she’ll be getting an iPhone 12 or 13 fairly soon.

I would argue that a much greater proportion of people are concerned with actually being alerted to a break-in while there away (which is when most break-ins happen). We were out of town recently and our system was triggered and we didn’t realize it until we woke up 5 hours later. the alarms (multiple at the house) were going off that whole time surprised my wasn’t deaf when we got home.

Another “for instance”: We had one two different alarm company’s systems and there applications on our phones before. and when the system was triggered the phones would go buzerker making all kinds of noise (siren) and we could actively monitor the systems ourselves while the police took there time.

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On Android you can download Alertify (free). If will intercept the push message from ST and play an audio file in a loop even if your phone is silenced. Tasker (android only) ($3.50) can also do that plus much more.


Choice is good. :sunglasses:

I’ve connected ST to IFTTT and have it call my cell phone when the alarm has been activated for more than 60 seconds.

I’ve wanted this for years! Why the smartphone or tablet running the SmartThings app can’t be selected as a target Speaker device is just lazy programmers.