Different app alert sounds for SHM


(Barton.) #1

I think it’d be great to have different notification sounds on my phone. For example, I’d like a persistent ringtone if something happens in Smart Home Monitor, but just the default sound if someone arrives at home via their presence. Is that something on the road map, or even possible on Android?

(Jason Hearne) #2

If you are on Android, you can tell SHM to send you a text. The contact number will be one of those short numbers like 84577. Add your Home’s number to your contacts. And then in your SMS app --> Conversation settings --> add a specific ring tone that is lengthy enough to provide your desired results.

If you have your devices sending Text messages already, then you’ll need to edit the smart apps to only send push notifications - this is so that the only SMS you get is from SHM. That way you’ll know SHM has been set off.

Also another option is using Tasker + Auto Notification. It tends to be a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can fix all kinds of short comings that you wished apps did.

If you are on iPhone, the SMS trick should work also, but I can’t speak definitively about that since I don’t own one.

Look into Lauch Center Pro (iOS). it’s kind of like the Tasker for iPhones. You might be able to work out something there too.

(Barton.) #3

Thanks. I could try the text ringtone for now. It’d be nice if they can update this in the future.