Make audio alert on iPhone from Smart Home Monitor


I’ve got an iPhone, and I’m trying to setup an alert so if a sensor opens in the middle of the night, my phone will make an extended noise. Not play a speaker or siren, just my phone specifically and do something besides the generic notification beep which can be silenced at night.

I was looking for this functionality in Smart Home Monitor, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to alert a user besides the generic push notification, and there’s no way to send a text???

Instead, it seems you have to setup an automation where the result of an If-Then would be to send a text message, and setup on the iPhone the alert noise specific to that sender.

Is there a better way? Because if so, I still don’t see how to use an Automation for something like… If (Armed status is Away/Stay, AND sensor 1 goes open AND sensor2 goes open). That doesn’t seem like And is the right operator and it should be something like (Alarm is Away/Stay) AND (sensor 1 goes open OR sensor 2 goes open OR …) but that level of And/Or work doesn’t seem configurable short of web core.

What’s the right way to do this, presuming I’m missing something?

You don’t need a separate automation. You can send a text message from the “Set Response” section of STHM.


just in case… sms messages are only available in the U.S.

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Thank you and thank you for the fast response. Sorry for the stupid Q but Where is the Set response section in STHM? I went into the STHM (House) app and clicked the gear icon on the top right giving me security smoke leaks. I went to the Smartthings Gear icon and found notifications, but nothing about set response. Where is it?

The UI isn’t very intuitive. Tap the bar that says “Security”.

I’ll delete this post if I can as I don’t want it to add to the noise. The comment you made in the other forum, about how I should delete STHM and re-install it, was the solution to the above too. Before clicking Security didn’t do anything. No options were presented. But now, the missing sensors showed up and I can get to those menus. Thank you again - great suggestion - I don’t think I would have ever thought to try that.

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Yeah I read that too. Thank you for sharing, it’s a weird approach and hopefully fixed soon.

Just to throw in another option… Easily done with webcore.