Yet another GE Switch (14294) that won't pair

I made the foolish decision to try and “fix” one of my GE Z-Wave switches that was showing all zeros on the raw description. Unfortunately that process has spiraled out of control and I now have a switch that won’t pair. (Don’t ask why I thought this was a good idea to mess with, I’m kicking myself for it)

Raw description that the switch is showing: zw:L type:1101 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:5E,56,86,72,5A,85,59,73,26,27,70,2C,2B,7A

I initially tried to just do a Z-wave replace to fix the raw description, but that didn’t work. I forget the exact order of operations here, but I’ve tried multiple times to pull the air gap, reset the breaker, perform a general exclusion, factory reset the switch, and it still won’t pair again.

Range shouldn’t be an issue - the switch is in the bedroom directly above the room where the hub is (additionally the whole house is sprinkled with other fully functioning Z-wave plus switches).

I’ve read a dozen other posts along the same lines as mine, but i’m really pulling my hair out trying to work with this temperamental thing!

1st thing to check…

if you have any custom device handlers for the switches, then login to IDE, go to the device handlers section, open the device handler and Publish for Me. Then exclude and try to pair. :slight_smile:

Great idea, but it didn’t pan out. I’m using the default “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic”. One odd thing though, is that the version was listed as “Draft”. I changed that to “Published” but that didn’t seem to change anything, still unable to pair.

and you tried removing the device in IDE before pairing?

If it is editable, that may mean it is unintentionally a custom device handler?

Well now maybe we’re getting somewhere. I tried force deleting the switch both from the classic app and also from IDE but it doesn’t actually delete. Perhaps I need to manually remove it from all the various smart apps and rules first :sob:

what is the error message when you try to remove in IDE? error 500 or other?

Not an error… It says it deleted it, go back to the list of devices and it’s still there

hmmm I’m stumped. You can always contact Support and ask them to delete it for you.

Sound like the you have a ghost device. Try going into IDE and changing the device ID to something you’re not already using. Then delete the device in the ide. Then try pairing the new switch. If it doesn’t pair the first time, exclude it, then pair again.

I just tried changing the device ID, which it let me do. Then I tried to delete the device again, and yet again it says it deleted it but it doesn’t actually delete it.

I guess I’ll get a support case written up.

After manually going through webcore, smart lighting, ActionTiles, etc and removing the offending device from all of them, I was finally able to delete this device from the IDE. I am still unable to pair it, however. I’ll tinker with it more tonight.

Hello, did you see my comment above? It sounds like you cloned the built in DTH into your account.

Just to wrap this up - I finally managed to get the switch to pair. While watching live logging, I could see that the switch was at least partially pairing with the hub. The switch was getting a device ID, and it was pulling in the proper description and everything. But the switch never popped up in the app (either classic or new) to finish the setup process. So, I cancelled out of pairing and then manually added a new device via the IDE. I gave the new device the device ID that was showing up in the live logging, and everything started working.

I doubt things are set up ideally, but it seems to work so I’ll take it. The raw description field is missing entirely now, so overall I seem to have taken a step back from where I started - but oh well, it’s working at least.

Does it show the device as running in the cloud or local