GE Z-Wave Dimmer Switches Won’t Pair (14294)


I am switching from the Nexia Hub that came with our home to a Smartthings hub. In my home I have about 9 or 10 GE in-wall Smart Dimmers model 14294. Of those I can only get one of them to pair and show up in the app. the rest are unable to be located when I do the manual add. I tried excluding and a few of them were able to be excluded but that didn’t help them pair afterwards. The rest couldn’t even be excluded.

Any idea why my dimmer switches wont pair and what I can do to fix this? They did all previously work with the nexia hub.

Are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app?

I have tried both.

Since the switches are already in place, it may be a distance/range issue. I’m not feeling well today, so I will let other people help with the details of how to address that.

Fortunately, that’s a zwave plus model, so as long as you are working your way out starting with the device closest to the hub you’ll probably be able to get them all paired eventually without having to carry the hub around, but it may require doing one at a time and doing them in sequence based on distance.

HOWEVER—That only applies to pairing, not to initial required exclude. If you still have the nexia hub, I would try excluding them from that. Otherwise in order to do a general exclude you are going to have to be within single hop range for each switch.


For a man not feeling well he gives great advice… (Get better soon)

Until they exclude successfully they wont pair with another hub. Try the exclude from the existing hub.

Once they do, start with the ones closes to the new hub and work outward.

The following article has the recommended pairing troubleshooting with GE devices:

If all else fails (and I mean last ditch - after trying everything else) the following manual for your device:

Lists the factory reset command (p.2 Step 4) as quickly turn on 3 times followed by quickly turn off 3 times, the light should flash 5 times to confirm.

Good luck