GE Zwave Paired but nothing paired?

I need some help. I have been trying all night to pair a GE in wall dimmer switch to no avail.

After doing all the exclusions, pulling the air gap, pressing up 10 times, I haven’t had any luck.

However, it appears that ST knows it is being manually flipped on and off per the notifications (image below). But I cannot see the device in either the classic or new app and cannot control it (aside from physically pressing the switch).

Kind of weird. Any suggestions?

do you have any custom device handlers installed for dimmer switches? if yes, login to IDE, open the device handler and Publish for Me again. Then exclude it and try pairing again.

I recently had some trouble re-pairing a GE switch as well. Maybe take a look at this thread and see if anything I came across helps you?

Thanks, I just went and created a new Device Handler from the “Dimmer Switch” examples. Excluded it, then re-paired it and it found it. Thanks!