GE Enbrighten 46203 keeps showing as “excluded”

A few days ago I lost control of the switch for my smart lighting app. I could not power on or off and the dimmer slider wouldn’t work. I deleted and reinstalled the smart app and other automation and reinstalled. I did a “repair zwave network,” deleted and reinstalled the SmartThings app, and other steps. I than deleted the device and did the exclusion. I repeated all the steps above again, including setting the switch back to factory default. I cannot get the switch to pair. Here’s the strange part. Every time I do a general device exclusion, it keeps displaying excluded. I did an exclusion multiple times and it displays excluded each time. This leads me to believe I can’t pair the switch because it’s not really excluding. I called GE, and they’re swapping it out. I’m assuming the problem is the switch and not SmartThings. The device is gone from my IDE. Any thoughts?

  • reboot the hub before trying to pair.
  • any old custom device handlers installed in IDE for z-wave switches? if yes, consider removing those before trying to pair or if you don’t want to delete, open and publish for me as they may be stale preventing you from adding new devices.

Thanks for the quick response. I had tried rebooting the hub- to no avail. I used the native device handler- no custom ones. When I got the switch in February it paired easily- first time, first press. The only thing that seems to make sense at this point is that the device is not really excluding, since each time I do the general exclusion it says excluded over and over.

You might need to bring the hub closer to the switch

Run z-wave repair and check the logs… make sure there are no ghost devices

Thx for trying to help me. I did try that. The range is supposed to be over 100 ft. I brought it within 2 feet. A correction- when doing a general exclusion it says device has been “deleted” not “excluded.” Once it says that I should not see that same message over and over. There should be no message.

Will do. Thx